27 Oct 2016

Farmer Copley's Pumpkin Festival 2016

Every year Kyle and I try to head north to visit Farmer Copley's Farm for their annual Pumpkin Festival.  It is so nice to see how much it grows with each year and this year was no exception.

The festival is aimed at families, but we still enjoy going to get us in a Halloweeny mood.  It had much more of a festival feel this year with food stalls, kids' activities (including a pumpkin bucking bronco, so funny!), music and of course, pick your own pumpkins and pumpkin carving.  You could even meet creepy creatures and fire corn cobs from a cannon!
Along with the usual sorts, this time around there were fancy pumpkins.  There were knobbly ones, bright reddish orange ones, white ones and pale blue ones.  There were tiny weeny ones, huge ones and even ones with stripes.

If we hadn't had a pup waiting in the car, I could have wandered the fields for hours just looking at the different types of pumpkins, they were so weird and wonderful.  As per usual, it made us feel so remarkably child-like in our bid to find the 'perfect pumpkin' to take home with us.
After much deliberation, we finally chose our pumpkins.  Seeing as this year we aren't having a Halloween party, we chose edible pumpkins to make into soups and pies once the 31st has passed.

I fetched Doug from the car whilst Kyle fetched himself some breakfast.  Doug made friends with one of the farm dogs, a sweet Jack Russell, who proceeded to follow us round, but especially so after realising that Kyle had a bacon roll.

We then took a little walk around the farm to see more of the festival and the resident animals, but was surprised that we didn't get stopped by anyone asking to say hello to Doug (this happens far too often because he's so small), although there were many outstretched arms and cooing from little kids.
It was always going to be interesting seeing how Doug reacted to the farm animals, but I didn't expect them to react to him.  A group of guineafowl saw him from a mile away and ran towards the fence squawking at him, it was at this point that Kyle decided it was probably best for him to walk him away from the enclosures!  I on the other hand, said hello to as many critters as I could, but especially the pygmy goats as they're my favourites.

It was a lovely trip and despite it expanding on last year, we didn't feel put off by how much busier it was, even on a Saturday.  The pumpkin fields are so big, it doesn't feel crowded at all and I totally recommend giving it a visit.

The festival runs until the 31st and is free to enter.  For more information, check out their website.



  1. Oh my look at those goats! I need one! I would love to visit a pumpkin patch but I don't drive & my partner doesn't have a car! As soon as I pass my test I'm going to one haha! xx


    1. I know, it was so hard to drag myself away from them! They were just so tiny and so soft too. I hope you get to go to one next year! x


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