2 Nov 2016

Doug's 1st Birthday Outing

At the end of October my little pup turned one.

I can't quite believe it, as it seems like yesterday that he fit in the palm of my hand and would tremble and refuse to move when taken out on a walk.  He is now pretty much fully grown, albeit not that much bigger in the grand scheme of things, but has certainly developed a personality big enough to compensate.

We spent a quiet morning cuddling and playing with the pup, before packing up the car to go for a walk at one of our favourite spots.
I often walk here during the week with Doug when Kyle is at work.  It is a relatively short drive from our house and it rarely gets that busy.  We've been here enough times now for it to almost feel like our own spot, as if the amount of times you visit has anything to do with ownership, but you know what I mean!  There are so many different routes to take, each with their own feel and so many beautiful views.  I've wanted to share the exact location of this place so much, but I've always felt somewhat reluctant, just so we can in a sense keep this one little piece of countryside just for us.
This day's chosen route took us up through woodland along the steep bank of a trickling stream, out into open countryside.  After crossing the stream, the narrow path lead us further up the side of the hill, weaving in between young spruce, brambles and other wild plants.

The view just before you wander back into woodland is one of my favourites.  It looks out over farmland, moorland and a reservoir.  The woodland itself is just as wonderful however, as it is full of old oak, rowan and pine to name but a few.
After making our way back down the hillside to the quiet country lane at its base, Doug discovered that piles of leaves are really rather fun to dig.  Of course, it being his birthday and all, we indulged him for longer than we normally would have.
I feel so lucky to have had this little creature come into my life.  He really has made me a better person; more patient, more organised, more responsible and more capable to deal with uncertain situations.  He keeps me both active and despite him sometimes being a tad mischievous, very happy.



  1. Soooooo cute! Sounds like he had the perfect birthday! :) Your photos are so cute and make me want a pup of my own asap!
    x Kenzie // Kenzieblogslife.blogspot.com

    1. I'm not normally one for cutesy things, but I just couldn't help myself with this one! It really was a lovely day. Haha whoops, sorry about that! x

  2. beautiful pictures and Doug is very cute :)


  3. Ahhhh looook! I love a post about pets! They're always so cheery! Alice xx



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