31 Jul 2017

Website Launch | Oak & Claw

It's here!

After my annoying perfectionism has stopped me from being 100% happy with my website design (why can't I transfer that perfectionism to other aspects of my life, like I dunno, the tidiness of my house?!), I am now happy to announce that my photography portfolio has been unleashed unto the world.

I've talked before about the topic of confidence hindering your career, specifically in a creative industry and good grief was it applicable in this instance.  It wasn't until I got all my photos together in a gallery format, when I thought to myself, 'Oh this actually looks alright'.  I should bloody think it looks alright and as un-British as it is to say this, I am proud of what I've achieved.  It is so satisfying to see the culmination of years of work, all neatly displayed together.

I hope this is the beginning of exciting things to come.


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