1 Aug 2017

Yorkshire Walks | Sheffield Favourites


This month it will mark 5 years since I moved to this wonderful county.  I thought that because of this, I would share some of my favourite places to hike/walk my dog/photograph that are local to me.

Sheffield really is a special place, to be the home of so much industry and yet to have such utterly wonderful wild places to explore so close by.  If you've been reading along with my ramblings here for the past few years, you'll know all too well that I'm somewhat obsessed with finding beautiful places to explore whenever I have the chance, so here are a handful of my favourites.

Wyming Brook is quite possibly one of my favourite things about living in Sheffield.  A stunning steep, wooded valley, which could lead you to believe you're in a Scandinavian forest, not a short drive from the Steel City.  There are lots of different marked routes, but my absolute favourite part has to be right next to the water itself - although it is not for the faint of heart.  It is a scramble across rocks and boulders, navigating the mud and crossing many small bridges, but the absolute beauty of the place completely and utterly makes up for the difficult terrain.


In 1864 the dam at Dale Dike burst causing The Great Sheffield Flood, which took the lives of at least 240 people.  Nowadays it is a peaceful round walk, with wonderful views across the water to the hillsides that surround it, as well as lovely wooded sections.

Not too far from the northern end of Dale Dike is Boot's Folly.  It is said that this tower was built so that a man named Charles Boot, who lived at Sugworth Hall nearby, could look across to Bradfield cemetery where his late wife was buried.  Best fact above all however is that you used to be able to climb up the stairs to the top of the tower, but the stairs had to be removed after a cow once decided to do the same and got stuck!

The views from Boot's Folly are so gorgeous and you can even see as far as Derwent Edge!


There are so many different routes around Agden Reservoir to choose from.  From up on the hillside, to down along the river that feeds the reservoir, to Agden Bog Nature Reserve.

This walk is a go-to for me; a perfect combination of a short drive away and gorgeous scenery.  I never grow tired of it, no matter how often I visit.  I've seen so many different types of wildlife there too, such as hares, toads in the spring and once a walk there at dusk meant that I saw a barn owl swoop over the rocky edges of the top of the hill.


Rivelin was one of the first places I fell in love with after moving here (mostly due to that gorgeous stone bridge) and I've definitely shared a lot about it on here in the past (here and here), including a little autumnal video.

It is steeped in history as it once was home to steel works, forges and mills which used the river to power their waterwheels.  Some of the ruins of the buildings which once stood there can still be seen along the river's edge.

After writing this, I can see that my favourite places all seem to have a theme, that being they're next to water.  I do like a river or lake, clearly.  That aside, I hope that if you don't live in Sheffield or nearby, this little list might sway you to add it to your list of places to visit!



  1. These are beautiful images.. what a serene place to stroll through!

    Becky || MOSSWOOD+MINT

  2. Anya, amazing places, great photos and love the Rivelin Valley film!!

  3. this makes me miss home!



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