19 Oct 2017

Allotment Diary | Welcome to the Jungle

 This summer I finally took the plunge in applying for an allotment.  I have tried to make the most of my garden in the past, with its conditions so rubbish even the grass struggles, but I knew the time had come to finally take my veggie dreams to the next level.

Fortunately my local council's website clearly shows which allotments have spaces available, because I really didn't want to get stuck on an exceptionally long waiting list and as I discovered, some had waits of over forty people! Luckily for me, one of the closest to me had a load of plots free.

The application process was simple (although I'm sure it varies from council to council), with just an online form to fill in.  It was only a couple of weeks after I'd applied when I received my plot offer in the form of a letter.  I honestly didn't expect things to move along quite so quickly.  As was recommended in said letter, I went to visit the plot before accepting, but I was not prepared for what I would be met with.  Overgrown seems like too generous of a description, for really what I had been offered was a small jungle which needed nothing short of a machete to gain access to.
After double-checking that there weren't any other less daunting plots available, I accepted and had to wait again to get confirmation and pay.  I think the whole process perhaps took just over a month, but it gave me the chance to mentally prepare myself for the task ahead.
It definitely wasn't long before I realised why this particular allotment had quite so many plots available, as I'm sure not many people would be crazy enough to take on such a task!  Despite having spent a good few hours on clearing it, it still doesn't resemble anything like what you'd imagine a veg patch to look like.  I'll share some pretty drastic before and afters in my next post.

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